Silage Bags

Silage Bag

Silage is fermented, high moisture stored Fodder which can be fed to cattle, sheep , is usually made from grass crops, paddy straw, including maize, sorghum, or other cereals, using the entire green plant stalks. After harvesting crops are shredded to pieces about 1 – 3 cm long.

The materials is spread in uniform layer over the floor of the Silo, and closely packed. The  nutritional content of the plant stalks, are retained when it is stored in the silage bags. One can use this fresh, highly nutritional fodder, even after 6 months without the loss of the nutritional properties.

Some customers dig huge pit in the ground, and spread our silage fabrics and store the silage and cover the entire silage by wrapping up the heap, which is kept airtight for months. Some customers use silage bags , as shown in the picture. As our Silage bags/Fabrics are UV stabilized, they are the most suitable fabrics for these applications..

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